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    Duron Flooring

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    Cherry Hardwood

    Pick the hardwood flooring that you like, we have hundreds of these!

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    Ceramic Tile

    Summer discounts for bulk orders!

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    Flooring Installation Services

    We are able to install just any kind of flooring!

    Wood Floorings

    In case you’ve ever found yourself in a situation, when you’ve been choosing a wood flooring, then you probably know how immense the diversity is…

    Stone Flooring

    Stone flooring option has always been on the verge of choices made either for industrial, commercial or residential premises of all types…

    Carpets & Rugs

    With carpets and rugs being either a perfect substitution for
    any kind of solid flooring or a complementary feature to
    enhance it…

    Eco-friendly Flooring

    With the trend for eco-friendliness now being more relevant than ever, the flooring industry does not just stand by idly. In fact, over the course of the last few years…

    Our History

    Our company initially started out as a family-owned venture, founded by three lumberjack brothers and their carpenter cousin Mike 20 years ago.

    Since those times their business has grown from a small log cabin back in the wood of Oregon to a huge, 99 staff members employing facility in the heart of Portland, OR. We simply worked hard, added new flooring options to our range, installed them nice and quick…

    Recent News

    Flooring Options: Ceramic Tile

    When stumbling upon a decision-making time during your house’s makeover on which flooring type should you choose, you may have thought that your options are somewhat limited. But in fact…